Bridgnorth pub manager has personal license revoked

The manager of a pub in Bridgnorth has had their personal license revoked following reports of crime and disorder and breaches of COVID-19 regulations.

The New Inn, Bridgnorth. Image: Google Street View
The New Inn, Bridgnorth. Image: Google Street View

A new manager has now been appointed at the New Inn as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) of the premise, which is trading as usual.

Police and the Licensing Authority for Shropshire worked with the premises owner, Marston’s, to take action.

PC Matt Picken from Bridgnorth Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Despite our attempts to work with the designated premises supervisor, problems with the venue continued causing disruption and concern to the local community.

“In order to help tackle this we approached the owners of the venue, Marston’s, who listened to our concerns and acted quickly and put in place new management, and we would like to thank them for this swift action.

“The vast majority of licensed premises in Bridgnorth are working really hard to ensure the venue is a safe place for people to go and visit at a time that is incredibly difficult for them. We’re really grateful for everything they’re doing to help make Bridgnorth a safer place and will continue to offer our support to help them with this. 

“For the very small minority who intentionally break COVID-19 regulations or who consistently do not comply with the terms of their license, we will take a robust approach to enforcement.”

A Marston’s spokesperson said: “It’s important that all parties work together to provide the best for their communities and we are pleased to have worked with West Mercia Police for a satisfactory outcome in this instance.”

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