Closure of Bucknell Village Stores supports food bank

Bishop’s Castle Food bank has benefited from devastating flooding which left Bucknell Village Stores with no alternative but to close its doors for the last time.

Sam Traylor, Proprietor with Ruth Houghton, Councillor for Bishop’s Castle
Sam Traylor, Proprietor with Ruth Houghton, Councillor for Bishop’s Castle

Proprietors Sam and Lee Traylor not only had flood damage to deal with and clean up but they also had the problem of what to do with the remaining stock in the shop which closed last week.

Nigel Hartin, Councillor for Bucknell who has been
supporting Sam and Lee throughout the flooding problems has helped them to make
contact with Bishop’s Castle food bank through Councillor Ruth Houghton.

Nigel said: ”Sam & Lee have nowhere to store the remaining stock so Sam asked me for contact details of the local foodbanks and I was happy to put her in touch with Bishops Castle Foodbank which I know has delivered tremendous support to residents in need in the Bishops Castle & Clun areas during the earlier lockdown!”

Bishop’s Castle Councillor Ruth Houghton said: “It is devasting news for Sam and Lee to lose their livelihood and for the local community in Bucknell to lose their village shop so we are extremely grateful for their kindness in thinking about the food bank at what must be a very difficult time.  The food bank is very grateful for the generous donation which will be put to good use in the Bishop’s Castle and Clun areas.”

Bishop’s Castle food bank has new opening times effective
from week commencing 31st August. They are Wednesdays 5pm-6pm and
 Fridays 1.30pm – 3.30pm at The Methodist Church Hall, Station
Street.  Anyone needing support but not able to get to the foodbank can
contact Andy on 07773 006413 to arrange for a home delivery.

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