County wine merchant supports defibrillator campaign in memory of former colleague

A new life-saving defibrillator is available thanks to a county wine merchant.

                          James Tanner and Sally Angell-James with the new defibrillator.

Shrewsbury’s Tanners teamed up with the Henry Angell-James Memorial Trust and installed a defibrillator at their Wyle Cop premises.

The charity was set up by Sally Angell-James, in memory of her late husband, Henry, who suffered a cardiac arrest on his regular train journey from Birmingham to Shrewsbury, aged just 54, in 2017.

The trust aims to identify and install AEDs (automated external defibrillator) across the West Midlands, making them accessible to the public in even the most rural of communities.

James Tanner, chairman of Tanners Wines said “Tanners is situated in a busy part of town, having a defibrillator that is accessible to not just our staff but also to the public, is an important addition to the community.

“Not only was Henry a friend, he also worked at Tanners and so it seemed fitting to support the charity in his memory.”

The defibrillator is available to the public 24/7 and is registered on the national website ‘The Circuit’, meaning that all emergency services are aware of its location, should it be needed.

By Dominic Robertson

Chief Reporter