Frustration over lack of action on road outside schools where children have been hit by cars

A fresh meeting calling for road safety measures where several schoolchildren have been hit by cars has been scheduled.

Campaigners from Radbrook Road Safety Group pleaded for action to be taken in Radbrook, Shrewsbury, after multiple collisions in the vicinity of The Priory School and Meole Brace School.

Shropshire Council promised six vehicle-activated flashing signs at a meeting in January, which were expected to be in place in a matter of weeks. However, nine months on, they have still not been installed.

The authority also said a new crossing would be installed at Sweetlake Meadow and a review of options for the Roman Road/Longden Road roundabout would be undertaken to see how it could be made safer.

Meanwhile, a man was hit by a car in Bank Farm Road at the end of September, prompting fresh calls from campaigners who say they feel “forgotten about”.

Now another public meeting to update residents is set to take place at Radbrook Community Centre on November 25 at 7pm.

The group was launched by mums Angela Warren and Katie Blant after their sons were both involved in incidents. Angela’s son Joe was knocked off his bike in September last year, and Katie’s son Sebastian was sworn at by a driver after a near-miss.

Joe was rushed to hospital in Birmingham, and ended up with his leg in a cast, while Katie said Sebastian was “shaking and petrified” after his frightening moment.

Angela said campaigners “feel forgotten about”. Meole councillor Bernie Bentick, who is involved in the Meole Traffic Group in his neighbouring ward, which has also called for safer roads in the area, said “frustration could turn to anger” over the lack of action.

A council spokesman recently said the authority has been working with local groups in regards to schools in the Meole area and their concerns over pupil safety.

“A review of these concerns, and work that could be done to improve safety both long and short-term, has been carried out and shared with the local groups, who have been brilliant at championing the community needs.

“We have identified that installing a number of vehicle-activated signs (VAS) may help control the speed of traffic along Bank Farm Road and this work is being undertaken at the moment.

“In addition to the VAS signs officers have continued with developing other projects for the area, such as designing a new crossing point at Mousecroft Lane/Stanley Lane, along with other works to improve cycling/walking routes to the schools from the west.

“It is anticipated this work will be carried out this school year.

“There are also a number of other projects in the area that are being brought together to improve safety, such as a redesign of the Roman Road/Longden Road roundabout, and school travel planning for the area.”

By Nick Humphreys