‘Honest to God, this guy is amazing’: Celebrity Kerry Katona helps business boom for Shropshire hypnotherapist

A Shropshire hypnotherapist has seen his business boom after helping Reality TV Star Kerry Katona through her struggles with mental health.

The Atomic Kitten singer reached out to Marcus Matthews, who runs Make Your Life Count, in Shrewsbury, after he was recommended by a mutual friend.

Since then Marcus has seen an explosion in his social media following, after Kerry released a video of the pair together on Instagram – and encouraged people to follow his page.

Taking to social media, Kerry said: “I feel like I’ve been rebooted, like I’ve just been reborn.

“I had been struggling with my mental health, anxiety and fear, had been to the doctor and had my medication upped, then I met this guy – Marcus Matthews, please go and follow him.

“He has done the most amazing thing for me, guided me through this and I cannot give this man enough praise for what he has done. Honest to God, this guy is amazing. It was so powerful.”

Marcus, who is a therapeutic transformation coach, said he was delighted to help Kerry and thanked Joanna Scott-Aspray, founder of The Cheshire Club, for setting up the introduction.

He added that it was part of his ongoing commitment to make a massive impact on the struggles people have with their mental health and wellbeing.

Marcus said: “It’s been a difficult couple of years for my business – as it has for everyone – and now we are all faced with additional economic pressures.

“So it’s never been more important for me to be able to deliver the service and support I provide and educate people about the power of the mind.

“Despite having some amazing results with my clients, what I do remains largely unknown outside of the high performance world of athletics, business CEOs and celebrities.

“But I want to make the point that what I do is relevant to everyone and I am ready to help anyone who is really stuck.

“I work with people on a one-to-one and group basis from a basic 21-day transformation all the way up to 12 months.

“And one of the strengths of the therapy comes from my own experiences and the fact that I have been in that situation myself.

“I was on the verge of suicide as a serving police officer several years ago. I wanted to know why I felt the way I did because none of it made any sense.

“When I did find out I made a promise that I would help anyone who was willing to invest in their own journey to find the freedom, peace and love that we all deserve.”

Since then, Marcus has gained a wealth of experience in coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy and rapid transformational therapy.

This month he is helping a number of people who are using ‘Stoptober’ as the tool to help them stop smoking.

“The mind is a powerful tool and I have been able to help people quickly realise this and empower them to take control of their lives,” he added.

In the future, Marcus plans to help people who don’t have the funds to access private therapy.

From November 13, he is running a five-week group transformation course, find out more at steppingoutofthevalley.com

To make an enquiry about Marcus’s work visit makeyourlifecount.co.uk or contact transform@makeyourlifecount.co.uk

By Megan Howe

Community Reporter at the Shropshire Star.