New Shrewsbury schools ‘will take pressure off parents’, says leader

A leader has welcomed an application for a new primary school in one of the fastest growing parts of a town.

Plans have been lodged with Shropshire Council’s planning department for a primary school and a special education needs (SEND) school in Bowbrook, Shrewsbury.

The schools would be built on Squinter Pip Way. A consultation earlier this year heard how the new schools would accommodate 240 pupils in the primary school as well as additional places in a nursery and space for 120 pupils at the SEND school – both primary and secondary age.


The application requests permission to build both schools along with a new access road, parking, sports and play areas, and carry out landscaping work.

Bowbrook councillor Alex Wagner, welcomed the application, and said he is going do continue fighting for another secondary school – even though the council says there are already enough places.

He said: “A new primary school is fantastic news for Bowbrook. Delivering 240 much-needed school places and 120 SEND places will take the pressure off and give parents an enhanced choice for their children.

“I’ll continue my campaign to follow this up with a new secondary school for Shrewsbury to make sure our town’s education is properly future-proofed.”

Councillor Wagner previously launched a petition calling for a new secondary school in Shrewsbury. It gathered more than 500 signatures, and he said: “Shrewsbury has a real issue when it comes to secondary school choice. It is plain to see that we do not have enough places to offer parents and children a meaningful choice of school, and that as our town grows, things will get worse.”

However, Kirstie Hurst-Knight, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for children and education, said: “We can confidently assert that there are sufficient secondary school places in Shrewsbury.”

By Nick Humphreys