Twelve fined after attending social gathering in Telford

Twelve people were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice after they attended a social gathering at a house in Telford at the weekend.

Police were called to the property on Sunday following information about a possible breach of the ‘Rule of Six’.

When officers attended they found more than six people at the property and issued 12 adults with a Fixed Penalty Notice for the breach.

Telford commander, Superintendent Jim Baker, said: “We know the vast majority of people are adhering to the new COVID legislation and ‘Rule of Six’ and are acting incredibly responsibly.

“Unfortunately, though there is a very small minority, and it is only a small minority, who are breaking the laws and where there are clear breaches we will take a robust approach to enforcement.

“I know the regulations are having an impact on all of our lives but it really is important we all do our bit to stop the spread and help save lives.” 

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