Weston Park to host fireworks competition

Weston Park will kick off this year’s Firework Champions competition on April 23rd as three teams are set to battle it out in a bid to become the ultimate fireworks champion.

A Firework Champions display in action
A Firework Champions display in action

Firework Champions is a series of mega-events spread across the UK, starting with Shifnal’s very own Weston Park, where the audience can vote for their winning display via text.

This event will include a number of spectacular firework displays as well as amazing pre-show entertainment, fairground rides, and a wide range of food and drink vendors to choose from.

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It is also ‘the only one of its kind in the UK’, says organisers MLE Pyrotechnics, who chose Weston Park due to its 1,000 acres of natural beauty and three centuries of garden design.

Mat Lawrence, Managing Director at MLE Pyrotechnics, said:

“This year’s Firework Champions event is simply going to be unmissable! We have three great competitors in the form of Blaze Fireworks, Gala Fireworks, and Blitz Fireworks, who are all ready to get out there and perform. Not only that, but we also have a closing show in store courtesy of 2021 Firework Champions Phenomenal Fireworks! These fantastic teams all have something special up their sleeves!”

A Drone Light Show performed by DroneSwarm will kick off the night’s events from 8:40 pm, then the first team will showcase their fireworks display at 9:00 pm, followed by the second team at 9:15 pm and the third team at 9:30 pm until voting opens up at 9:45 pm for 15 minutes.

Once voting has closed, the larger-scale fireworks display will commence at 10:00 pm and then finish at 10:10 pm to close off the event when the results of the winning team are announced.

Mat said: “Weston Park is going to provide a stunning backdrop for what will be an equally stunning event; everything is in place for us to create an experience our guests will never forget! We can’t wait to get started – it’ll be great fun for us hosting, but even better for those attending!”

Gates open at 4 pm for the pre-show, featuring music, live interviews, a funfair to keep children entertained, and licensed vendors providing food and drink, before they close again at 8:30pm.

Tickets must be booked in advance via the Firework Champions website.

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