The Salopian Mixtape to air on Shropshire Live

Shropshire Live is to air a brand new weekly music podcast The Salopian Mixtape which aims to support, share and promote the music industry in Shropshire.

Michaela and Simon announced the forthcoming podcast at The Shropshire Music awards
Michaela and Simon announced the forthcoming podcast at The Shropshire Music awards

The Salopian Mixtape has been created by music enthusiasts Michaela Wylde and Simon Berry who have been supporting the development of Shropshire’s musicians for years.

Michaela and Simon will be utilising their 14 years of local radio experience and contacts to create something both entertaining and of great benefit for the artists, venues, events and music shops that make our local area so special.

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The weekly one hour podcast will feature a wide and varied collection of local music uploaded via as well as live sessions recorded at Albert’s Shed venues in Shrewsbury and Telford. It will also include interviews and amazing opportunities for artists.

The podcast will be available to download every Wednesday night and air on Shropshire Live at 7pm each Friday.

Michaela and Simon will be officially launching the podcast at Albert’s Shed in Shrewsbury on Thursday 23rd November during a special event.

The night will see a lineup of four incredible (and currently TOP SECRET) local artists, on-stage interviews and one lucky ticket holder will get the chance to feature as a presenter on a future podcast for The Salopian Mixtape.

Simon and Michaela announced the forthcoming podcast at The Shropshire Music awards, in front of hundreds of musicians and music lovers. They have already seen a high volume of traffic on the website, extremely positive engagement across social media and, most importantly, lots of music being sent in by local artists. This can only grow.

The Salopian Mixtape is on the active search for sponsorship and is open to developing further collaborations.

For more information and to upload your music visit

Tickets for the launch night are on sale now costing £7 from

The Salopian Mixtape

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